The Water Lantern Festival in Virginia Beach

Hello readers, this past weekend I decided to leave my house and to go the Water Lantern Festival held in Mount Trashmore Park down in Virginia Beach. I originally saw the advertisement for it on Instagram and I was hooked from the very beginning.  This festival is just magical. There are many values the festival shares and wants you to experience, such as happiness and … Continue reading The Water Lantern Festival in Virginia Beach

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

This is the million-dollar question. This is the question that would decide whether I pack my winter coat and my winter clothes away for a very long time.  Back when I was in Virginia for Easter, I could clearly see that state was touched by the warm embrace spring brings. There were flowers on the trees, leaves were growing, and nature had its characteristic vibrant … Continue reading Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Ferryboat Ride on James River

My favorite types of days are rainy days. Not only because you get to relax at home, watching a movie and/or listening to the rain fall on the roof of your house or outside your windows. But I am also a strong believer rain gives an intense character to your pictures. So, on a rainy day, we drove to the picturesque Jamestown and we put … Continue reading Ferryboat Ride on James River