The Water Lantern Festival in Virginia Beach

Hello readers, this past weekend I decided to leave my house and to go the Water Lantern Festival held in Mount Trashmore Park down in Virginia Beach. I originally saw the advertisement for it on Instagram and I was hooked from the very beginning.  This festival is just magical. There are many values the festival shares and wants you to experience, such as happiness and … Continue reading The Water Lantern Festival in Virginia Beach

Ferryboat Ride on James River

My favorite types of days are rainy days. Not only because you get to relax at home, watching a movie and/or listening to the rain fall on the roof of your house or outside your windows. But I am also a strong believer rain gives an intense character to your pictures. So, on a rainy day, we drove to the picturesque Jamestown and we put … Continue reading Ferryboat Ride on James River


Rome is a mandatory stop when visiting Italy. This city is full of history, a well as witnesses of different areas and dominations. In our trip, we visited some mandatory landmarks, such as the Trevi fountain, but also some hidden and not so known/popular places that made the trip more original.  Since the main of this trip seems to be visiting places that grant you luck and wishes, I suggest you … Continue reading Rome