Barcelona, The City That Stole My Hearth

I have always had the travel bug, I love dreaming about new, or old, destinations, and then plan the trip. But as of right now, neither my wallet nor my life want me to go anywhere, so I am stuck at my desk, in front of my computer, reminiscing about the time I jumped on a plane and I fell for one of the most majestic cities on Earth: Barcelona.

A couple of years ago, I was an intern in Madrid, working for an insurance company. However, I knew Madrid was not the place for me, I knew I needed to go away. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the fact that Madrid, somehow, is a beautiful and majestic city built in the middle of a very arid territory.

I knew I could not leave Spain again without visiting Barcelona. The reasons that pushed me to go are many: the beach, the history, but also the fact that Zafòn set his books in this amazing city.

And I was not wrong. I really needed to go to Barcelona, and I really need to go back there once I have the opportunity.

And what is there not to love: beautiful white beaches with crystalline blue water, amazing food and Gaudì’s presence… everywhere you look! It is hard to find a place as magical and surprising as Barcelona is. I fell for this city the moment I got into Park Guell. 

This amazing park is located on top of a hill. I don’t fully remember its story, but I know it I entirely designed by Gaudì and there are many statue and small houses that raise from the ground and bend and climb to the sky forming many different and interesting shapes. But what puts it on top of the list of my favorite places is the view… You are on top of a hill, surrounded by sculptures covered in mosaics, and you look down to see Barcelona opening up in front of you, and your eyes follow the houses until they reach the beach and the sea. I would love to wake up to it every day, and to just sit there and absorb it.

Another cool place is the hill where the Olympic Games were, especially the pool where they held the diving competition. You can see the entire city from the stands.

I really hope I will be back there and I promise, if I do go back there one day, I will post a follow up post with more details!

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