Adventures of a Bride-to-Be: Chapter 3

I Said Yes To The Dress

Since my last post I can officially say that I faced one of the tasks that I was avoiding: finding/trying/ and buying THE dress. Originally, I was supposed to go with my maid of honor on a weekend I was flying up to visit her. But, since I am not a very lucky person and timing is almost never on my side, she got terribly sick and I had to cancel the weekend. 

I also never pictured myself in a wedding dress, and I still don’t. I went to two places: David’s Bridal and Blush Bridal & Formal. These two places are very different from one another. David’s Bridal is a bigger place, where you can find tons and tons different types of dresses. On the other hand, Blush Bridal & Formal is more of a small boutique, where tons and tons of dresses are put in the corner, and you just dive in. However, it is very chic and I loved it. 

My fiancé was nice enough to ask two of his coworkers to come with me and give me advices. I know it sounds like a pity date, and maybe it was for them at the beginning, but we really had fun. Or at least I had fun. It was a very nice girls day out. I also learned a lot. I did not know anything about wedding dresses, other than they are white and fluffly. 

I realized that I do like ball gowns wedding dresses, but I do not like to look like a princess. I tried on many different dresses, in many different sizes and shapes. I realized I do not like mermaid dresses, because they are basically wrapping my body super tight up until your knee, and then they open up. Even though I am in shape and my fiancé would have loved it, I just did not feel like it was me, and I did not like the huge amount of fabric at the end. I am a very goofy person, and I would have stepped in it so many times. 

The experience of trying dresses on was kinda interesting. They give you undergarments and a corset, so that you can try on dresses without being naked. You just slip in and out of those and look awesome. The sales assistant just came in with me, she made me slip into the dresses and then, since they were not my size, she clipped the dresses on to show me how they would look if they were the perfect size. The assistants were also very good at showing me how to I can make alterations and how I can make it more dressable for the ceremony. 

I feel bad for them tho. They were all excited, and I honestly don’t know nothing about wedding dresses nor I am very into them. They were all putting on me different types of accessories, like tiaras, belts and sashes -those are cool – and also veils, but I was able to stop them and convince them I do not need one and that I am not a veil person. 

At the end, I said yes to the dress! I am not going to share which one is the dress I picked, for two particular reasons: first off, I want it to be a surprise. Second off, I know my fiancé reads what I write every once in a while and I do not want him to find out which dress I am going to wear. I can share two facts about it: it is not white – just like I wanted it – and it has pockets! If you don’t get my excitement, try to put on dresses and jeans that have room for only a dollar bill, not even a phone, and then you will understand the full excitement of having full pockets that fit a phone and my full hand! 

One of the dresses, not THE DRESS

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