Am I Back?

The real answer? Who knows?! I had to take a month long vacation from blogging because I just came out of a very busy month of my life. Not only my significant other was forced to work double shifts for a very long time, but also I have been trying to start studying seriously for the CPA exam. In top of that, I had no ideas whatsoever.

I still have no ideas for posts, but I thought I could bore you with my life and frustrations. My studying is not going so well. Yes, I am studying and doing everything as I am supposed to, but I still have many many chapters to go, and I still have the feeling I will not be able to get everything inn time and get a passing score… Why did I decide to be a CPA?

Life has been good I guess. We found and booked the wedding photographer, she is awesome and I really love her style. Having as session with her was not as painful as the other photographer. She really fits my style. The real thing I dread is to find the wedding dress. I kinda know what I want, but I have no idea what my size is, as well as what fits me. The problem is my maid of honor lives out of state, and I have no friends whatosever in Virginia.

Actually, I have a bunch of friends/people I hang out with occasionally, but they are guys and it would be weird to go wedding dress shopping with them. On top of that, I don’t really want/care about the dress, is more something other people want, so it will be an adventure.

On the bring side, the puppies are fine, they are the only thing I have been taking pictures of, but I am trying to be better now! I will do my best to take pictures of things,, to find landmarks and post them on this blog… In other words, I want to make Wanderlust Arts great, or at least make it look the way I pictured it.

If any of you know of ways to make this blog decent, please let me know! Orif any of you know of places in Virginia I could go to take pictures, please let me know in the comments down below!

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