What Happens When A Photographer Hires Another Photographer

Hello to everyone who is still reading my blog. As you can see, I am posting late, again. I want to apologize for my recent found slack, but my body is still recovering from four years of college as an accounting major. During college I was complaining about not having enough time to do everything… yet, I still had time to post in time. Now, I have all the time in the world, but I find myself lacking from inspiration, as well as having my mind taken away for other things.

As you might know, especially if you have read my previous posts, I now have two dogs- Pops and Cooper- and a cat, named Lily. While the cat is pretty self-sufficient, the dogs require constant attention. Not only because they are now two spoiled brats that want to be loved all the time, but also because they are senior dogs, so they require to be walked quite often.

Besides for the dogs, I have also been studying for the CPA exam, which is a nightmare. Finding the motivation to sit at my desk for three hours per day and study while everybody is enjoying their summer is hard. However, one has to do what is necessary in order to achieve goals and be successful.

Since I am late again and I had a busy week, I decided to take the easy way out and post an anecdote as opposed to posting a more researched and accurate post. I am unsure whether you guys care about my life, but now I am already four paragraphs too deep to stop and turn around and post a more decent post. So stay tuned and scroll down please.

So I am getting married in October, and since I care about photography, I am in charge of finding a wedding photographer. This task is not going so well. Mainly because I can’t find anyone who seems to approach my view and perspective on photography. As you might have noticed, I like more natural photography. I barely use any editing, and I do not stage pictures. I like to document what my subjects are doing, rather than having them stand in different poses and creating false memories.

Well, my fiance has a friend who is into photography and has more gear than I do, he has already worked on weddings, and he has a lot of experience in photoshoots. So there is this general idea of maybe hiring him. I still have to see his portfolio tho. So, he offered to take our pictures for the website and invitations for free. We just had to buy him dinner. A fair offer. Well, it was the weirdest experience in my life.

First of all, it was weird to be the one in front of the camera. I like having my pictures taken, but I usually stage them and the “photographer” has to just press the button. Now, I had to leave my points of view at home and just do as I was told. I mean I did not cause any trouble and I did as I was told, because I mean I was the client, not the artist. Another weird thing was that he was talking to us during the shoot, and asking us questions. Again, I responded and did as I was told, but I did not appreciate it at all, not only because I felt like it was interfering with the creative process, but also because it made the shoot longer than necessary.

Overall the pictures came out nice, but they do not look very natural. They look like a mix between staged and natural. Which it is not that bad, but still not my style. But the greatest difference between my style and his style is the post-shooting work. I excluded some pictures because, in the angle they were taken, made me look fat. Well, he offered to photoshop them and make me look skinny, which to me and to the way I developed my style is an offense. I see photography as the art of truth, not the art of mischief. Yes, I do not look like a model, but I accept it because it’s my own fault for being lazy and not working out, as well as eating way too many cheeseburgers. I am a healthy size 6 and I accept it. I do not need pictures that advertise a size 2 or 4 bride to be. But again, this is my view.

What do you think? Is photography the art of truth/reality, or is it the art of mischief and deception?

Photo taken by me to set an example of what I mean with “true moments” as opposed to staged poses
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