A Rant and National Rescue Dog Day

Hello everyone, I am back! I apologize for missing the deadline last week, but my life has been crazy. Not only I moved from Connecticut to Virginia, but I also had family visit the area, so I was never home. Not even get me started on unpacking, I have so much stuff in the spare bedroom that I already received the usual ultimatum from men “What doesn’t fit, goes!”.

This ultimatum made me reflect about the difference between men and women and the different way we approach problems. For them, the solution is to just get rid of clothes, because they are just clothes. For us, the solution is different, let’s just get another closet!

I do not think they realize how important clothes are for us and how every single outfit we own has a purpose. However, I think if we substitute clothes with car parts or video games, they will approach our way of thinking.

Now, let’s transition to today’s important day. Today is National Rescue Dog day and I cannot give an honorable mention to my baby, Pops! As you know from the many many post I wrote about him, we adopted him from a shelter on Valentines day. And we love him so much! Today, we decided we has more room for another pupper, so we visited a shelter and we adopted an adorable huge pupper, named Cooper. Hopefully he will get along with our babies but, from what we’ve seen, everything seems alright. Maybe I’ll write more about him in the future… For now, I am going to leave you with a call to action. If you have the space, the resources, and the love, please consider adopting from a local shelter. You will be a hero and you will save the pupper’s life, and you will get more love in yours.

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