Has Spring Finally Sprung?

This is the million-dollar question. This is the question that would decide whether I pack my winter coat and my winter clothes away for a very long time. 

Back when I was in Virginia for Easter, I could clearly see that state was touched by the warm embrace spring brings. There were flowers on the trees, leaves were growing, and nature had its characteristic vibrant green. I never had to use my jacket, and it was the kind of weather that makes you wish you were at the beach.

On the other hand, Connecticut seems to have missed the invitation to join the other states in this season called spring. As a typical New England state, Connecticut is delighting its residents with a large portfolio of temperatures in a week. One day you could be in the high 70s, just to wake up in the low 30s the very next day. Trees are stubborn, and some of them decided to grow leaves and flowers anyways, while others want to keep their winter appearance as much as they can.

So, when is Connecticut expected to experience the spring time its residents deserve, after a tough winter spent on shoveling snow, removing thick layers of ice from the car windows, and overall freezing while outside? Are we going to catch a break or are we going to wonder until the summer heat hits the state overnight? 

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