Conquering The Newport News Park

What better time than the day after a tornado to go on a hike and take beautiful pictures? 

Easter this year was welcomed by tornadoes and flood warnings in Virginia, but we didn’t let that stop us from putting our steps in, going on an adventure, and soaking the spring in. It ended up not being that bad at all: yes, it rained a lot on Friday night (you can check out my previous post to see how baleful the clouds looked), but there were not many damages in the area. In other words, I have seen worse. 

Saturday was the perfect day for a hike: it was sunny, but not too sunny. It was warm but not too hot. There was a light breeze, cold enough to prevent overheating, not cold enough to require a jacket. As I said, it was perfect. I knew both Pops and I needed to go out and soak in the spring for two different reasons: Pops likes to smell everything, and he is a very curious dog. On the other hand, spring is just waking up in Connecticut, and so I still didn’t get a chance to see leaves on trees, nor blooming flowers. Plus, our little unusual family needed a nice afternoon spent outside.

We jumped in the car and we drove towards the park, hoping and begging for loneliness. And for the most part, we got it. 

The part I like the most about this park is that there are many elements that could satisfy almost anybody: it is not a hard hike, there are bridges that go above water and that cross the lake, there are historical remainders from the Civil War, and there are many different types of trees and flowers. There was mud too, but that never bothered me. An additional bonus: if you love dogs, you will cross paths with many other dog owners walking their fur babies.

This was hands on the best hike I have ever had. We walked for more than three miles, because we took many trails and ended up circling the entire lake and getting lost, but I loved every moment of it. I loved how the previous bad weather created elements, such as mud and puddles, that contributed to the creation of interesting pictures. I loved how vibrant the colors and contrasts were. Finally, as always, I loved having my family with me.

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