Richmond And The “Dog Park”

This past week has been crazy. I was finally able to go back to Virginia to enjoy some family time and keep the moving process going. However, there has not been much of relaxing going on. As a matter of fact, I had to prepare and go to a few job interviews… fingers crossed!

However, I did not let the stress from the job interviews spoil my family time and, after the last interview was over, we decided to head over Chimborazo Park in Richmond and find the highest rated dog park in the city, Church Hill Dog Park – at least according to Bring Fido.
I must say, Chimborazo Park is awesome. On the other hand, we were quite disappointed of Church Hill Dog Park.

Chimborazo Park is located on top of a hill, and it gives you an interesting view. It is not a view of Richmond, it’s a view I would have ever expected to see in Virginia: a New England view! Once I got to the top and I approached the “panoramic terrace”, I glanced over and I was surprised to see a familiar view: lots of green, nature, houses in the far back, a factory, and a river. I completely forgot I was in Virginia and, for a moment, I thought I was hiking in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Once the hill was conquered, our last mission was to find the dog park. Bring Fido gives you an approximate address, but it is way off. The address provided leads you on a neighborhood basketball court, surrounded by houses. We were lucky enough to spot some dogs in the distance, and we decided to follow them. However, we still had no idea where the park was. After a while, we noticed a fenced area down the hill, and a dog, so we assumed that was it. And it was… Not the greatest dog park. There is a lot of mud and a lot of areas without any grass. There are benches, two gazebos, water, and trash bags to collect poop, but that was about it. Pops was the only dog there and after he was done sniffing and running around, he was quite bored. There was nothing that could have entertained him. Overall I do not thing it deserves the 4/5 bones.

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    1. Yeah, but we still made a good time out of it! The hill was more than enough to be happy and surprised. As I said, I was not expecting that view


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