Ferryboat Ride on James River

My favorite types of days are rainy days. Not only because you get to relax at home, watching a movie and/or listening to the rain fall on the roof of your house or outside your windows. But I am also a strong believer rain gives an intense character to your pictures.

So, on a rainy day, we drove to the picturesque Jamestown and we put ourselves in line to board the ferry boat. Every boat boards a little less than 100 cars, and they run pretty often. The ride is free and takes about 25 minutes to get from one side to the other. The schedule and more information can be found here.

To be completely honest, we could have picked a better day to go. While the rain was not too bad, the wind froze every inch of my body. Between the humidity of the day and the wind, I had to run inside to warm up every once in a while. However, I was able to take some pictures. I hope you like them!

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