Pops and the Beach

Since when Pops joined our family, I have always wondered whether he liked the beach or not. One weekend we decided to drive down to Virginia Beach and see if he likes it or not. Well, he loves it. He immediately rubbed himself in the sand and started running around like a very happy pupper.

Before going we were a little worried because I was unsure of whether dogs are allowed on the beach or not. Well, after some research, dogs are allowed on the beach on Virginia between Labor Day and Memorial Day. In the summer period, dogs have limited access to the beach. However, there is a strict leash policy.

He usually is a very curious dog so, as soon as he stepped in the sand, he realized he landed in a complete new world of smells and new things to experiment. He understood that he loves the sand, not only because it could hide treasures, but also because it feels good when you rub against it. He is not a big fan of the water tho. Maybe he didn’t like it because it was cold and windy, but he hates baths too.

We will definitely bring him back as much as we can. We just need to find a beach that allows dogs over the summer. If someone is from the area, do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

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