Travel Reflections

Being home for three weeks was nice and really needed. I ate all the food that I have been craving for a year, I also cuddled with my giant puppy. I was just overall nice to be back where I come from and where I can just chill on the couch and do nothing. So, in this post, I wanted to share some thoughts, and some pictures that did not made the cut to be in the previous weeks’ posts.

This is one anecdote that I want to share: no matter how much I push to speak Italian and to communicate in my native language, people are going to talk to me in English, as if they were doing me a favor. Even before I died my hair, even before I moved to the States, people always thought I was a tourist. This year, I had my American friend with me, and they would talk to her in Italian, then turn to me and speak English. Or, they would just talk to her in Italian and wait for her to translate. The look on the person face, when I looked at her and translated to her, as opposed to her translating to me, was awesome, and it still cracks me up.

Me, eating a gigantic bowl of pasta, and the waiter offered a bib to protect my clothes…

An advice I want to share is not to plan. The best spots in my travel were found by accident. The best meals were found by accident, by just walking in the right restaurant. In addition, walk as opposed to taking public transportation. Unless the destination, the chosen landmark is very far, I would rather walk. This not only will increase your hunger and burn the calories you ate, but also will help you find many hidden landmarks that were not discovered by those who wrote the tourist guides.
For example, when in Rome, we decided to go to the Vatican, and it turns out we picked the right moment. As a matter of fact, once we were in San Pietro square, the Pope appeared from a window and started giving mass to anybody present.

Finally, do not get stressed out. Nothing will go as planned: planes will be delayed, lines will be so long that you will waste half of the day before you can actually see what you wanted. And all just because the internet told you so. Just try to see the best in every situation, so that the entire vacation won’t be spoiled!

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