Rome is a mandatory stop when visiting Italy. This city is full of history, a well as witnesses of different areas and dominations. In our trip, we visited some mandatory landmarks, such as the Trevi fountain, but also some hidden and not so known/popular places that made the trip more original.  
Since the main of this trip seems to be visiting places that grant you luck and wishes, I suggest you go to the Trevi fountain and throw a coin in it and make a wish. They say that f you do that, you will return to Rome.  

Day 1 

  • Colosseum 
  • Arco di Costantino/Fori Imperiali 
  • Circo Massimo 
  • Mouth of Truth 
  • “Buco della Serratura” 
  • Piazza Venezia 
  • Colonna Traiana 
  • Victor Emmanuel II Monument 
  • Trevi Fountain 

Day 2 

  • Vatican City – Saw the Pope 
  • Castel Sant’Angelo 
  • Gianicolo 
  • Paoline Fountain 
  • Trastevere 
  • Isola Tiberina 
  • Piazza Farnese 
  • Campo dei Fiori 
  • Piazza Navona 
  • Pantheon 

Day 3 

  • Piazza del Popolo 
  • Pincio 
  • Piazza di Spagna 
  • Via Condotti 
  • Via del Corso 

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