To be completely honest, I never desired to visit Naples, but I was wrong. Naples is the kind of city that has a particular personality, that fascinates you. One thing I regret is not staying longer and visit the Amalfi coast, they say it’s beautiful. But the biggest attraction is probably the most famous Italian dish… PIZZA. As a matter of fact, Naples is where pizza was invented, and trust me, here you can eat it in so many ways that you would not believe me!

We did not really follow a program and just decided to walk around and go where the wind took us. During the day, which was unusually warm for December, we took a long walk along the seaside, we observe the port and the boats leaving, as well as people tanning and enjoying the day.

Once the sun left us, we went in an adventure into the city. We visited places such as the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, the Royal Palace, and the famous Via dei Presepi. It is hard to describe how famous and how particular this street is. However, Naples is famous for his “unconventional” Nativity scenes. If you go in that street, you can find small statues of famous people populating the scene, such as Donald Trump, the Obamas, and Marylin.

I want to dedicate this last piece to the before mentioned Pizza. Here, besides eating the original and normal pizza you are used to see, you can eat fried pizza, which is basically a normal pizza folded in half and sealed, and later on thrown in boiling oil. Another way is the panzerotto, which is basically a pizza folded in half, kinda like a Stromboli.
I also wanted to clarify something that the people in town made clear: Pineapple does not belong on pizza!!!
I hope you will enjoy my pictures!


  1. I’ve been to Naples briefly and I want to visit again (my family comes from an area about an hour away from Naples). I loved the pizza and agree with you that pineapple should never ben on one!


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