During my Italian adventures, I decided to visit one of the most confusing yet cute and romantic cities in Italy: Venice. I have been here plenty of times, since it is near my hometown, Trieste. However, I think it is a must see when you come to Italy, especially if it’s your first time. My friend and I were lucky enough not to find the famous “acqua alta”, even if there sure was water pouring on the street. 

Even if Venice is designed as a maze that causes you to get lost, we were able to visit the city in about three hours. I was lucky because my mom went there a couple of weeks ago with a friend from Argentina and game me this awesome itinerary she found online. 

Train Station -> Ponte degli Scalzi 
From the station we took Ponte degli Scalzi, the bridge that is right outside the train station. Tourists tend to take Strada Nuova and walk their way up to Piazza San Marco, but the small calle tend to become too crowded. 

Ponte degli Scalzi -> Fish Market 
We followed the indications for Rialto the nest we could (they disappear sometimes) and they led us to the fish market. Truth be told, the fish market is as easy to find as any Abercrombie, just follow the smell! 

Fish Market -> Rialto
After a nice walk in small calle and shops, we were able to reach Rialto bridge. This is where, for the very first time, we found ourselves jammed in between tourists. The view is worth the traffic tho, and they say this is the best place where to look at the sun set over Canal Grande. 

Rialto -> Piazza San Marco 
From Rialto we followed the signs, and the tourists, to Piazza San Marco. The square is very nice, and it is possible to visit the Basilica for free. Just watch out for pigeons, because they are accustomed to tourists and could easily fly very near your face. 

San Marco-> Riva degli Schiavoni 
From San Marco, we went for a walk along side the water, where Santa Maria della Salute is visible. From here, we were also able to see the Bridge of Sights. 

Bridge of Sights -> Ponte dell’Accdemia 
From here, we went back into San Marco and got lost. We were following the indications towards Ponte dell’Accademia, but they led us towards dead ends. We finally got on the bridge and enjoyed the view. After this, we got back to the station and left. 

I honestly like Venice. I think it is interesting how this city is built on nothing, and that one day it could vanish and sink in the Adriatic Sea. People are interesting as well. There is a great mix between tourists and locals, and many gondolieri ready to serenate you and talk you into a gondola ride. 


    1. Don’t worry, I think just the WOW is an awesome comment lol! I am glad you liked it, and I hope one day you will be able to go!


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